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Download/Right Click and Save the images and posts  below to show your call to service through the Naughty or Nice Event.  We hope you share this with as many friends as you can. Get the message out.  We all look forward to seeing a sea of red Santas as we Unite Around The World to serve children in our local communities.




FaceBook Profile Image

We ask all of you to set your Facebook profile to this image to support our call to service.

FaceBook Banner Image

This is our primary FaceBook Banner for your FaceBook Pages, Groups and Personal Page. We have 2 other options for you.

FaceBook Banner - Option 2

Option 2 – You can rotate through these banners up until the Event in December.

FaceBook Banner - Option 3

Option 3 – You can rotate through these banners up until the Event in December.


Instagram - Image 1
Instagram - Image 2
Instagram - Image 3
Instagram - Image 4

There are four graphics to rotate through until December. We also have content that you can just copy and paste.

Instagram Profile Image

Update your Instagram Profile during the holiday season showing your support to serve those in your area.

Instagram Banner Image

Upgrade your Instagram Banner.


Twitter Banner Image

Use as your Twitter banner.

Twitter Profile Image

Use for your profile Picture.

General Posts

T-Shirt Specific Posts

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Social Kit

Please take a minute to download the Social Kit that has all your marketing and image needs.
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