That is great and we encourage you to continue supporting and serving. Naughty or Nice is not a replacement but a compliment to your existing service project. You can use our framework and registration site to support and grow your service. It is also a great way to show metrics on the impact that we can have in our communities by uniting around the world.

You choose the charity that is on your heart that is the great concept behind Naughty or Nice. We provide you a framework to host, register and collect “gifts” for the charity of your choice.

Naughty or Nice is a single event competition uniting athletes from around the world to support children in your local community.

Naughty or Nice events are being hosted at venues around the world from Friday December 9 through Sunday December 18.

FREE to host & FREE to attend.

Athletes & spectators are encouraged to donate an unwrapped toy (‘Give a gift. Get a lift.’) Host gyms will coordinate and communicate their local charity partnership.

You may also purchase the Naughty or Nice 2016 tee or women’s tank for only $35.00

Apparel proceeds and financial contributions support Faith Rx’d and their global mission to ‘strengthen the fitness community for Christ-centered living and impact.’

Naughty or Nice is FREE to host.
Determine if your gym owner/manager wants to take the lead, or assign you.
Coordinate the best date and time with them.
Go HERE to register to host once you’ve selected the best date and time.
Online registration and leaderboard, social media advertising, video demos by CrossFit Games athletes, poster and shirt design are all being provided by Faith Rx’d. All you need to do is pick a date and time to host, decide on a charity partner to receive the unwrapped toys, and build excitement within your community!

No prior CrossFit experience is necessary. And YOU pick to go Naughty (Rx ‘as prescribed’) or Nice (Scaled). Talk to a coach on the day-of to discuss additional scaling options.

Absolutely! We encourage you to invite friends, family, co-workers and anyone else you can think of. This is a community event open to all.

Definitely maybe!

Please contact the host gym for specific details before you attend.

Faith Rx’d is a 501(c)3 organization with chapters across the country and around the world serving and strengthening the fitness community for Christ-centered living and impact through workouts, prayer, faith-based discussion, social and service events.  Click HERE for more.

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